Panorama Image Stitching

With the panoramic image stitching technology, the entire imaging of the spine or legs is made possible without the constraint on the size of the flat panel detector. It is crucial to the qualitative diagnosis of pathological change and data measurement in the diagnosis, surgery program development and postoperative function evaluation in correction of lateral curvature, total hip/knee arthroplasty, correction of lower limb deformities and limb prosthesis installation, full-length photography of femur or tibiofibula, etc.

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Wintouch Technology.Ltd was founded in 2011 with a total investment of $25 million USD, specializing in tablet computers, capacitive touch screens, touch displays, industrial touch Screens, touch all-in-one machine design, and manufacture.

We have our own R & D team, design team, professional sales team, and production operations. The daily output of our factory exceeds 5,000 sets.

The factory area is 6000 square meters. We have our own branch in Dubai. We have an overseas warehousing and logistics system. Our products sell well in Europe, America, and Middle East.

We will do our best to provide our customers with the best service!

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